Friday, June 19, 2009

Looking For A Perfect Scent For Partners

I am looking for a perfect gift for my husband since it is Father's Day tomorrow. I am planning of buying him a nice shirt and a perfume to go with it.
Looking for a shirt comes handy because we have several stores here that offer trendy ones. Scouting for a nice scent is harder because we have so many factors to consider before we finally settle for one. Good thing that a site intended for reviewing scents is at hand to ease out my predicament. Browsing over the reviews made by several perfume users prove to be very helpful in my search for one that would surely fit my husband's personality.
I am choosing the Versace the Dreamer scent for him. I am already wearing this scent for several weeks now and he loves it as much as I love using it. I stated in my previous post that this scent represents a mixture of feminity and masculinity. True enough we both loved it, it is such a blend where you can smell cigar, flowers and tonic all mixed up together. It's greek themed bottle is simply elegant and could easily fit in my husband's bag everytime he travels.
I have found the perfect gift for the Father's Day celebration and if you're still looking for one, try scents.

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  1. Hi Te jinky..been here...put a shoutbox so people can leave msg here...need nimo mag blog hop te kay imong alexa ranging is 9,505,572 pa...

    Enjoy the weekend and happy fathers day to kuya arnel :-)