Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dream Vacation Destination

I have been to various vacation destinations in the Philippines. Those opportunities and travels made me very thankful to the Almighty by giving us beautiful and bountiful places to discover.
I also have plans of visiting other countries and see for myself what they have to offer. One of these places, I dream of setting foot into is Portugal. It is because I have always been fascinated by Portuguese people like the very brave Magellan who discovered our native land. I know by visiting his place, I'll get to learn more about their rich culture and traditions and discover more about the great explorer.
I am already starting to research vital information about Portugal. I am excited to to find out that we'll never find it hard to go into different locations once we are there because there is a long list of cars for rent available to take us where we want to. It is good that we now have the internet wherein we can surf for anything and everything we wish to know about certain destinations.