Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Of Roads and Crossroads

an early morning aerial view of Davao City as captured by the author

for three weeks I was away
there was not a single day
I stopped thinking of my family
while trying not to be lonely

I have seen roads while I travel
appreciated the beauty they unravel
there were less traveled roads
as much as there were dreaded crossroads

roads can be likened to our lives
living life to the fullest thrives
crossroads are inevitable in life
glaring in chaos and strifes

roads and crossroads for always
bring us to people and places
we long to see, connect and reach
something to be thankful of and appreciate!


  1. thanks, baby Rom! your baby sister Rafee will be having her debut party soon..please help me organize it ha :-)

  2. I love this poem! Napaka-makata! Ate jinks, more of these poems!

  3. he he, tnx, sheng! nangangapa akong magsulat that's why :-)