Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Of Walking and Winning

As promised, here's another post with regards to the just concluded Purok Olaer San Raphael Fiesta celebration.

I bragged about joining the Lumba Baktas competition and through this post, I would like to acknowledge my brave (ahem!) opponents composed of (sa walay pag dapig dapig) my very own cousins and nieces. :-)
(left to right) Rose, Myrna, Kuya Bhern (our generous donor), Neneng,
Sarah, Normita, Shakie, Pinpin and Grace (me, am the photographer :-)

Grand winner was our Ate Myrna P. Olaer. She went home with 5k and 2 sacks of rice. The race was simple. All we did was walk and dress up like Maria who is going to market. Being the author of this blog justified my being one of the rich (?) losers he he he. . . of course, I can't take big steps no :-). . . Nevertheless, all of us still felt like winners because they all went home Php500 richer! Why they? Because I got this. . . . for being the Darling of the Crowd because of my _ _ _ _ ness!

this is a welcome addition to my Unionbank cyber account :-)

I may not have won the race
but nothing beats the sweetest feeling of finishing the race by taking small steps!

Thank you, cousins, pamangkins and to the many fans of yours truly!


  1. hehe what is that _ _ _ _ness maam J?

  2. hehehe nice tagline _____ness

  3. kaya pala ang title ng blog mo ay small steps by jinky ,not big steps by jinky, lol

    anyway, what's important is the sportsmanship and the fun!and winner ka pa rin sa iyong 1 thousand pesosesoses!congratulations!!!

  4. ha ha ha lagi, thank you, lits!