Friday, October 15, 2010

My Small Steps from a Man with a Big Heart

DOLE Undersecretary Hans Leo J. Cacdac and the author

Have you ever wondered why I christened my blog as "Small Steps"? The logical answer is because in reality I can't take big steps :-D. Aside from this, there is this one person, a very respectable one, who gave this strong two worded advice/comment to yours truly during those times when I felt that everything in this world is not fair. My feeling back then was it's just me against the world and everybody hated me. Feeling so low, I comforted myself by reading the blog of this man. A blog that exudes with radiant intelligence and wisdom. I knew he doesn't know me personally but I did put up a brave face by leaving a comment there. If I remember it right, I said that I'm also a member of a certain team and we've been trying very hard to accomplish something for the better by introducing changes unacceptable to many. That's why instead of gaining friends, we gained enemies. I never expected that the childish comment of mine would merit an answer that would make my attitude towards life turn 180 degrees. He commented back by saying . . . take small steps . . . small steps.

Two words that totally changed my outlook towards everything. Gone are the days of my being pessimistic, judgmental and very emotional than intellectual.

The rest is history for I am now a better person driven to continue taking small steps to achieve my goals in life and a person with the capability to accept the things/instances I can't change.

Thanks for the opportunity and realization, Sir Hans!

p.s. Many thanks to our Info Officer, Ms. Charmaine Sonsona, for the photo op with this great man!


  1. I shall take small steps, ate Jinky, thanks for reminding me. I shall take small steps...

  2. we can never go wrong, sheng, if we'll just take small steps. . . good luck to you! 'am excited to be working with you soon. . .

  3. mga friendships, minsan kasi akala natin alam na nating lahat... i am undergoing a big challenge in my career now and it seemed unworkable until i realized it's best to go back to basics and take each step at a time...

    single steps are the beginning of bigger things ahead... o divah?!

  4. amen to that, Boss Ormz!

    I Lilly, lilly miss you na!