Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Gift of Healing

Jasmine and Sam

If there's one precious gift I am cherishing right now, it is God's gift of healing. With His healing grace, my baby Sam is now doing well and hopefully can go back to school tomorrow after being absent for two weeks due to dengue.

Dengue, as we all know, is now endemic almost everywhere in the Philippines. No matter how cautious we are, the danger of acquiring this disease is still possible for whoever, wherever.

Of course, the support of friends and loved ones count a lot during those times we were in the hospital. Please allow me to thank everyone who in one way or another helped us cope with the situation. Special thanks to Dr. Cristina Ramizo, the courteous and efficient people of General Santos Doctors Hospital, blogger friends, my loved ones...and everybody else out there! Thank you, people! Again, life was and for always will be easy because of you!

Madamo gid na salamat!


  1. Thank God for healing, tabebs and I are feeling much much better now, too.

  2. that's good to hear, Sheng! sana tuloy tuloy na pag galing ninyo as well as other persons na afflicted din with different ailments! God heals!

  3. Thanks God naman at okay na son mo Jinky. Panahon na naman pala ng Dengue ngayon jan...

  4. yeah, ms amie, with God's grace, she's OK now....tnx for dropping by here...