Saturday, May 22, 2010

Robinsons Movieworld Rocks My World!

I am and will forever be a kid at heart!

Receiving an invite for the PRESS LAUNCH of Robinsons Movieworld's 3D Cinema sent me to the seventh heaven for a moment. Having heard a lot about three dimensional films, the invitation got an instant affirmative response from me.

Yessireee, the experience was very well worth it! Nothing beats the excitement of watching a movie in a very comfy place with state of the art facilities. It's already here in Gensan, so Generals, what are you waiting for? Go na, now na! Experience the wonders of 3D film viewing with the whole family in Robinsons Place at a very affordable price.

Showing now at Robinsons Movieworld using the 3D system is the last and final part of the Shrek 4-part series. Again, the movie brought the best out of ogres. Shrek may have been duped but the lessons he learned out of the experience is PRICELESS. I love this movie because it is worth watching and retelling a million times to our young generation and other generations to come.

Special thanks to Robinsons Place management represented by Mall Operations Manager, Ms. Bing Velandria, and their dynamic support staff for the freebies and most of all, for the bloggers' awesome experience of watching Shrek Forever After via 3D technology. Madamo guid na salamat, pipol, you rock!

Movies to watch out for in Robinsons Place Gensan Movieworld 3D screen are: Avatar, Toy Story, Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore and Despicable Me.

Hope to see all of you there soon!


  1. cant wait to watch this bukas.. :)

  2. go na dimps! you'll surely enjoy the experience!