Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Inkai Craves for Krispy Kreme Chocolate Cakes

It's a doughnut. . . it's a cake. . . It is Chocolate Kreme Cake from

Yeah, for all sweet toothed creatures like me. . . this is for all of us!

A friend brought two boxes of these yummy treats from Krispy Kreme the other day. One contained KK's classic doughnuts and the other one's loaded with the heavenly stuff on the pic. Chocolate Kreme Cakes tasted fantastic. . . I couldn't help it but to crave for more :-) Too bad, there's no Krispy Kreme store yet here in Gensan. So the cravings has to be put aside and instead settle for our good old doughnuts here in the city.

I love my doughnuts to go with brewed coffee. How about you, guys?

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