Sunday, May 2, 2010

Atty. Rafael O. Montilla for City Councilor

My cousin, Atty. Rafael Olaer Montilla, is gearing for a city council seat. He's one brilliant lawyer with a heart for anybody who needs his help. I am supporting him because I know and I believe that he'll make a good councilor, I swear!

His platform of government is nestled on the acronym - PAENG OLAER!

P-romote transparency and accountability in local government transactions;

A- ddress fiscal and expenditure management and develop alternative revenue generating mechanisms at the local level;

E-ncourage the establishment of cooperatives;

N-urture the development of youth through the promotion of sports;

G-ive priority to poverty alleviation programs;

O-perationalize performance standards in local bureaucracy;

L-ead a simple and decent life;

A-dvocate transformational changes for the upliftment of the
greater majority;

E-nhance wider citizen participation;

R-ecognize continual improvement to the delivery of basic

On May 10, 2010
Number 29 po sa inyong mga balota - Atty. Rafael "Paeng" Olaer Montilla

please click on this link to see Atty. Paeng's video courtesy of Mr. Edward Lutero

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