Wednesday, April 8, 2009

St. Elizabeth Hospital's 3/F Expansion Now Operational

St. Elizabeth Hospital, headed by it's administrator, Mr. Antonio Veneracion, CPA formally opened to the public it's newly constructed third floor last March 30, 2009. The new area which took eleven months to construct now provides additional 18 private rooms, 15 suite rooms, 6 super suite rooms and 1 presidential suite which raised to a total of 135 available rooms for their patients. This is their way of saying that they are bent on raising patients comfort several notches higher.
The author was one of the privileged few who were given the chance by Sir Tony V. to tour around and take a look at the new facilities of St. Elizabeth Hospital a few days before their inauguration.
As we toured around the place, cameras of Jonel, Kiyawster, Bariles and Ayel kept on clicking giving me the chance to share their photos with you.

This is their lounge that could give hotels a run for their own money.

This is the receiving area of the presidential suite. Nice, isn't it?
Amenities in this room includes a very big flat TV, a nice bathroom, nice bed , refrigerator, telephone, mini dining area and
of course, it's wi-fi connected ( the whole third floor actualy).
The room is said to be costing from Php4,000 to 4,500/day. Cheaper compared to other high end hospitals where presidential suites are reportedly costing up to Php20,000 or higher.
If somebody gets sick and checks in at this room , we might just as well say, Indulge and pamper yourself ! instead of the traditional, get well soon!

Their private room complete with flat TV also.

The lucky bloggers with the Hospital Administrator, Sir Tony Veneracion

In addition, the whole staff of this unit underwent several trainings (Personality Development and TQM included) before they are being deployed. So expect for outmost customer service.

The new unit boasts of having their own butler too, are we talking about hospital here?

Kudos to the premier healthcare institution of Gensan, the St. Elizabeth Hospital!

Thank you for the innovations on healthcare provision.


  1. wow! I am glad there is this hospital amenities in gensan now. I have always dreaded hospital because it's depressing to see patients of different ailments, but if my room is like this, ok na mag stay ako sa hospital...

    Congrats Tony V!

  2. Nice one Mare!

    It's a good thing that you have all the numbers here because I will use them in my own blog.

    Congrats to St. Elizabeth Hospital and the staff and workers of Tony.


  3. wow...ganda ng bagong building nila.

    hope to see yuo in next plurkfiestas..wla pa gyud ta nag abot .

  4. nice jud ilang 3rd floor..ive been ther na tong naadmit akong papa..sayang dili pa available ila butler ato..hehehe..
    hope to meet u sa next plurkfiesta..
    ill link u nga pala if its okay...

  5. hi, lito and chic!

    tnx for dropping by! hope to see you also!

    balik balik!