Thursday, February 2, 2012

Six, Sixty and Counting!

I am a proud mom of these six young ladies . . . who wouldn't be? :-D

It has been seven months since we moved into our new home. Within this period, my kids' proof of doing good in their academics were just tucked inside a box and kept under our bed. It's a good thing that a mall here in Gensan offered their display cabinets at 20% less the original prices. Our cherished possession is now proudly displayed in the living room. :-D

Medals of all sizes and colors numbering around sixty and hopefully still counting . . . now make me the proudest mom in this part of the universe. :-D


  1. I love your daughters, they're just so adorable. Let's bond sometime soon! Love you te jinks!

  2. yeah, please do visit us soon :-D we missed you too . . .

  3. Wow! Puro babae pala ang mga anak mo at matatalinong bata! I love the first picture!

    1. yeah, all girls sila Ms. Anney! thanks sa visit!