Friday, February 10, 2012

Pre -Valentine Musing

Hearts day is almost here and I'm in a very pensive mood. So many what ifs and buts running in my mind and am sort of a bit scared . . .

Figured in a bad fall this week and for me it was the most scary experience I've ever had. Last thing I remembered before I passed out was praying so deeply to God and begging Him . . . not now, Lord, please . . . my kids are still young . . .

With God's grace and mercy, I was declared out of danger and now starting to savor each day of my life as if it is my last.

Yes, friends! In a split second, we may or may not be around our love ones anymore. This can't be avoided but can be remedied. Time is of the essence here. Let us allot more of it for our dear ones before it's too late.

Let us continue spreading cheers and love! Happy hearts day, everyone!