Thursday, December 1, 2011

Raising Tilapia in the Backyard

Raising tilapia makes moi and the kids busy nowadays. Our backyard mini pond has been done and it's now filled with water enough for a few big tilapia and lots of their fingerlings.
Raising this variety of fish is not that hard after all. We just have to see to it that they are well fed and the waters they thrive in has got the right temperature.

It is exciting to wake up every morning and rush to the pond to feed these creatures. Aside from gardening, this raising fish task would surely occupy lots of space in my future blog posts.

Wish us luck, friends! :-D


  1. Yung lola ko dati may small pond din sila full of tilapia. Lagi pa nga kami namamansing nun. kaya lang nirenovate yung lugar nila at nawala yung pond. Sayang nga e.

  2. tanggal ang stress ba while feeding the fishes :-D