Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Banking on Infinite Banking

Almost everything in this world levels up everyday. It is unstoppable. Be it in our lifestyles, gadgets we are using and even in systems used in business management.

That is why it's not ordinary anymore if we can see new and better innovations being implemented by the banks to improve their system for the satisfaction of their clients.

The concept of infinite banking now exists. It is tagged as a process that is simple, safe and profitable. Many individuals concerned with their financial system are now banking into it and somehow starting to benefit from it.

Along with the trend of of globalization, is now another best option to keep abreast with the times.


  1. Hi! Do you practice infinite banking? I want to learn how I can apply it here in the Philippines :)

  2. Hi, as I learned about Infinite Banking Concepts ® it made sense to me and I saw it as a profound financial concept and so we embraced it in our family's finance. Why profound?

    1.) We Efficiently implement Asset Stacking strategy
    2.) We can virtually avail financing (Use of other's money - at low cost) without risking our existing tangible assets as collateral to financing institution i.e. Farm Lands, houses, cars, etc... plus, no further requirements as to Audited Financial Statements, Business Feasibility Studies, Proof of income, etc...
    3.) Recapture portion of the interest profit that must be our loss to financing Institutions or banks should we avail to their financing.
    4.) and many more....

    we can talk if you want to learn.

  3. Interesting. Which of the insurance companies provide a whole life insurance with padup rider.