Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Halloween Treat

Yours truly exerted much effort to make the recent halloween memorable for my kids and their cousins. I prepared some pica pica eatables and freebies for them which will be featured in my other blog.
This is their first ever halloween mini party courtesy of me. Many thanks to Anney whose blog posts really inspired me to organize one.

It was fun, really fun as they wore masks of horrible characters. Next time, I swear to to do a lot better by providing them with costumes, makeup, etc. . . :-D

after the halloween fun, they proceeded to our backyard and helped in arranging the stones for our soon to be mini pond . . .

the fun continued as they posed atop a left over part of a coconut tree in our side yard . . .

the day ended with all of them getting wet after a quick dip in the pool!

Happy halloween, kids!

There will be more next time, promise! :-D


  1. Uy na special mention pa dito! hihihi! Thanks! Ang saya namn kasi talaga pag nakikita ko yung mga pamangkin ko tuwang tuwa sa mga food, games at mga halloween goodies kahit masakit sa bulsa. hehehe!

  2. yeah! mabuti n lang at napasyal ako sa blog mo :-D

  3. It was the first time the kids had trick or treat party too. It was fun.

  4. exciting sheng no . . . next time ipa attend ko na pud ni sila trick or treat na activity ba . . .