Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chill for Hot Thai Chilies

My plot of Thai chillies ( seeds courtesy of Ms. Gay) is now bearing fruits very much more than we can actually consume and distribute to neighbors. It is very awesome to see every morning pods turning into very bright red color from being deep green.
I have somewhat learned to be creative with my oversupply of herbs and chillies in my garden. In my other blog, I made use of my herbs as air freshener. Now, I am turning the ripe chillies into a decor and as an easy to reach spice inside my kitchen.
I tied them with plastic twine into a bunch of colorful chillies to be air dried in my kitchen. I am also thinking of roasting them when they are thoroughly dried and save it for future use.

One thing I learned about Thai chillies - the green ones are hotter than the red ones :-D



  1. Mahilig ako kumain ng maangahng kaya di kami nawawalan ng kung anu anong klase ng sili sa ref namin. Minsan yung bottled jalapeno bumibili rin kami.

  2. gusto ko nga i try if kaya ba mag thrive ng jalapeno dito sa min :-D