Thursday, July 7, 2011

Of Resort Living and BC Resorts

It's been a month since we transferred residence. From the fast paced city life to a very serene and peaceful life inside our family owned resort.

Our one month stay there proved to be one of the most rejuvenating moments in my life as well as to my family. Who wouldn't be if you are surrounded by the greens, waters and fresh air?

Living there made me dream of seeing one day the famous BC Resorts. If given the chance, I'll be visiting first their Sonora Resort in Canada. According to researches I made, this resort is one of Canada's famous and luxurious place to stay once you're there. Unparalleled service and five star facilities await travelers there. One can indulge in their spa services, beauty treatments or even golfing to your heart's delight. You can also ogle their grizzly bears, orcas, sea lions and dolphins. They also offer breathtaking views of pristine landscape with no roads or cities in the horizon.

If I'm living in paradise now, maybe, visiting BC Resorts in the near future would afford me the experience of the seventh heaven!

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