Sunday, June 12, 2011

Raiding the Scientist' Kitchen

The drizzle last Saturday afternoon did not dampen my spirit and interest in raiding the house/kitchen of my scientist friend Ms. Gay Carillo.

Luckily, Gay was a willing victim of my looting skills :-) since she's leaving very soon for her new assignment in Thailand. A very wise career move of this brilliant lady for she is still young and full of dynamism.

Pre-loved items which she can't carry with her were disposed according to her own discretion. How I wish she'll leave Pasta behind ('just kidding, Gay!)

Now friends, let's take a look at my super nice loots!

I thought I won't ever have the chance of tasting Gay's freshly baked bread
using the bread machine from her recent US trip but thank God
for my kids and I over the weekend
enjoy this heavenly delight!

Thai goodies for me to experiment inside my kitchen

more goodies from her cupboard to mine

spices in form of seeds. . . fennel and
hmmm, I forgot the name but I have an idea on how to use it.. . .

more seeds..this time for sowing not for cooking. . .

sesame oil, extra virgin tropical honey and meat tenderizer. . .

magazines for my weekend readings. . .

and the most challenging loots for me are
down here...
kaffir lime plant. . . for my future culinary experiments!

assorted potted green plants. . .

chives. . .smallest specie of edible onion

oregano, dill and lemon grass for planting. . .
I so love the smell of these plants..very therapeutic!

Thanks a lot, Gay! Good luck too. . . here's something for you!

I Appreciate You

You are a person
who makes life easier and better
for everyone around you.
Your continual acts
of thoughtfulness
and kindness
brighten each day.
What you did for me
will glow in my memory,
reviving pleasant feelings
every time I think about it.
I appreciate you,
and I thank you.
By: Joanna Fuchs


  1. Caraway seeds yung isa... The pleasure was mine, Ate Jinky!

  2. :-) thanks, Gay! :-D lagi Sir G!