Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Blessed Day for Us!

Hi there!
I am sharing with you, my dear friends, pictures taken during the blessing of our dear home. The picture above shows early morning sun rays enveloping our simple abode. Indeed moving in to our new castle was guided by dear God because there was no trace anymore of the heavy downpour we experienced the day and night before.

Rev. Fr. Sherwin Detuya, CP administering the blessing of our new home
and family as well. . . (thank you very much Father, from the bottom of our hearts. . . )

blessing of the bedrooms. . .

smiles after the blessing inside our living room. . .

Mimi and Patricia in the green room. . .

couz Sarah with beautiful Nicole in the blue room. . .

sistah Alpha with Mimi and Patricia in the pink room. . .

my little girls posing while readying the food. . .

my very good friend Presy helping me out
inside my kitchen world. . . (thanks a lot, Pres!)

it's chow time!

For almost three months, we waited for this big day. Now that it's done, we have a heart so full of gratitude to all of you, folks, who in one way or another supported us in making this dream of ours realized.

We are truly blessed because of you!

Thank you, everyone! God bless you more!

Have a nice weekend ahead. . .

- Arnel and Jinky (with our kids)


  1. ganda ng new house nyo ate...congratz. miss ka na namin mga sox bloggers. more blessings for u!

  2. tnx zel! miss you too. . .

  3. Congratulations on the new house.