Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Small Steps is now PR 3

My pet blog has now earned Google's

Display Pagerank

Thanks to all my readers and followers out there!
Many thanks also to my fellow bloggers
who continue to inspire me to blog and blog. . .
Thank you, guys, for the love and support!

Madamo gid na salamat sa inyong tanan!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Furniture Retail Software for a Better Future

I have two previous posts about a good friend of mine who is into furniture making business. Investing on furniture retail software in running his business yielded positive results. It did not only afford him more quality time with his family but a fatter savings for their future as well.

Just what is this furniture retail software all about? This is a software developed to streamline furniture retail processes in order to increase the business' profitability. This is a product of modern technology that is now slowly making noise in its' field. More and more businessmen are already using this software in doing business. We are living in a fast tracked world so it is but fitting and proper also to invest on something good that could eventually keep us abreast with the times.

The wonders of this furniture retail software may just as well be the key to a brighter and lighter future for everybody in the business world!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jasmine!

Jasmine turns five years old today!
She is my youngest baby
She's so smart and pretty

She's the only one among the kids who calls me Mommy
She loves to tell stories to her sisters, Dad and me
We all adore her being witty!

Jasmine is the name
of this little girl so vain
but we all love her just the same!

Happy birthday, baby girl!

Friday, October 15, 2010

My Small Steps from a Man with a Big Heart

DOLE Undersecretary Hans Leo J. Cacdac and the author

Have you ever wondered why I christened my blog as "Small Steps"? The logical answer is because in reality I can't take big steps :-D. Aside from this, there is this one person, a very respectable one, who gave this strong two worded advice/comment to yours truly during those times when I felt that everything in this world is not fair. My feeling back then was it's just me against the world and everybody hated me. Feeling so low, I comforted myself by reading the blog of this man. A blog that exudes with radiant intelligence and wisdom. I knew he doesn't know me personally but I did put up a brave face by leaving a comment there. If I remember it right, I said that I'm also a member of a certain team and we've been trying very hard to accomplish something for the better by introducing changes unacceptable to many. That's why instead of gaining friends, we gained enemies. I never expected that the childish comment of mine would merit an answer that would make my attitude towards life turn 180 degrees. He commented back by saying . . . take small steps . . . small steps.

Two words that totally changed my outlook towards everything. Gone are the days of my being pessimistic, judgmental and very emotional than intellectual.

The rest is history for I am now a better person driven to continue taking small steps to achieve my goals in life and a person with the capability to accept the things/instances I can't change.

Thanks for the opportunity and realization, Sir Hans!

p.s. Many thanks to our Info Officer, Ms. Charmaine Sonsona, for the photo op with this great man!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Of Walking and Winning

As promised, here's another post with regards to the just concluded Purok Olaer San Raphael Fiesta celebration.

I bragged about joining the Lumba Baktas competition and through this post, I would like to acknowledge my brave (ahem!) opponents composed of (sa walay pag dapig dapig) my very own cousins and nieces. :-)
(left to right) Rose, Myrna, Kuya Bhern (our generous donor), Neneng,
Sarah, Normita, Shakie, Pinpin and Grace (me, am the photographer :-)

Grand winner was our Ate Myrna P. Olaer. She went home with 5k and 2 sacks of rice. The race was simple. All we did was walk and dress up like Maria who is going to market. Being the author of this blog justified my being one of the rich (?) losers he he he. . . of course, I can't take big steps no :-). . . Nevertheless, all of us still felt like winners because they all went home Php500 richer! Why they? Because I got this. . . . for being the Darling of the Crowd because of my _ _ _ _ ness!

this is a welcome addition to my Unionbank cyber account :-)

I may not have won the race
but nothing beats the sweetest feeling of finishing the race by taking small steps!

Thank you, cousins, pamangkins and to the many fans of yours truly!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Gift of Healing

Jasmine and Sam

If there's one precious gift I am cherishing right now, it is God's gift of healing. With His healing grace, my baby Sam is now doing well and hopefully can go back to school tomorrow after being absent for two weeks due to dengue.

Dengue, as we all know, is now endemic almost everywhere in the Philippines. No matter how cautious we are, the danger of acquiring this disease is still possible for whoever, wherever.

Of course, the support of friends and loved ones count a lot during those times we were in the hospital. Please allow me to thank everyone who in one way or another helped us cope with the situation. Special thanks to Dr. Cristina Ramizo, the courteous and efficient people of General Santos Doctors Hospital, blogger friends, my loved ones...and everybody else out there! Thank you, people! Again, life was and for always will be easy because of you!

Madamo gid na salamat!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

St. Raphael's Fiesta at OSR

The feast of the archangels was celebrated by the christiandom last September 29. Purok Olaer/Olaer Swimming Resort honored our patron saint, St. Raphael de Archangel, by spearheading different festive activities and at the same time holding thanksgiving for the precious legacy left to us by our dear Lola Iyay and Lolo Pidok. The two folks were devotees of the healer archangel and that devotion has been passed on to the different generations of the whole Olaer clan.

The day started with a holy mass officiated by a Passionist priest.
This picture was taken right after the mass only
for the reason that the author was late due to a pressing commitment

What followed were activities that brought wide smiles to the fiesta revelers and picnickers alike.
Jose Divinagracia School band gave color and vibrance to our fiesta.

Several competitions were held such as the Lumba Langoy, Lumba Baktas, etc. . .
Lumba Baktas participants including moi. Please don't ask anymore if I won or not :-)
(I'll be writing a separate post about this soon!)

An anti-fungal company provided free services and medication to interested individuals.
very helpful, indeed, specially for those who need medical attention

By the way, all those who trooped to the resort during that day were given free entrance fee access and free usage of cottages. This is our way of thanking our customers!

Jollibee's appearance was a blast!
kids, young people and young at heart alike were delighted with the
popular mascot's personal appearance

Also provided for free by the resort management were Jollibee packed lunch good for three hundred (300) people. . .

This is part of the crowd who lined up for the free goodies. . .

Later in the night, the grand Olaer Got Singing Talent was showcased
(it was so exciting and a post solely for this topic is coming up soon :-) )
My niece Chummy and my apo, Choi. . . the Mom is the active president of Purok Olaer and the one responsible for the very successful St. Raphael fiesta celebration

Good food won't be absent during feasts like this!
light moment with Apopong Bgy. Captain Rogelio Pacquiao and
Olaer Purok President, Aura Kharizma C. Aujero

There's more to come, folks! Please watch out for it. . .