Monday, January 25, 2010

The Tan's ISLA JARDEN DEL MAR Opens to the Public

clear waters, fine white sand, tranquil surroundings await beach goers
in this beautiful place called Isla Jardin Del Mar (Island Garden by the Sea)

young kids taking a closer look of an entry to the sand sculpture competition
sponsored by Isla Jardin Del Mar

photo by Mr. Lyle Santos
Singapore, Davao and Gensan bloggers with Isla Jardin Del Mar owner, Mr. Marfenio Y. Tan
and our new found friend, Mr. John Achaval
(yessiree. . . the one who starred in the bulldog commercial)

photo by Mr. Ric Dumalay
neat looking open cottages lined along Isla Jardin Del Mar's shoreline

photo by Mr. Lyle Santos
the author (again in once in a lifetime jumpshot ?)
with blog buddies Donna Mae Congson, Brendel Balaga and Sheng Dumalay

photo by Mr. Lyle Santos
Inkai with a very unassuming
famous personality in the business world, Mr. Marfin Tan himself

Bgy. Gumasa, Sarangani Province

formally opened to the public on January 23, 2010

For inquiries, please contact Ms. Wanchin Tan-Delfino
(083) 552-5479 - 81

Isla Jardin Del Mar, the newest tourist destination in southern Philippines!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tattoo Too for Self Expression

The author chanced upon these two young people doing body art
using Henna Tattoo one sunny afternoon at Olaer Swimming Resor

There are many ways of expressing one's self. Henna, ancient art, is now slowly becoming a popular method of self-expression. I learned that these tattoos do not stay permanently on the body as it fade easily in due time. So if you're interested in adding art to your body, but do not want something that will last forever, a henna tattoo may be just what you’re looking for. You can choose from different intricate designs that could suit your personality. I only have this advice to young people who are interested to indulge in henna tattoo, be sure to do some research and find out if applying a henna tattoo is right for you.

How about you, guys. . . interested of getting tattooed?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Avel!

Today is Avel's birthday
A man so special in any which way
A friend and partner so gay
A son, brother and uncle with say
For him, I pray
All the best everyday!

photo of our birthday boy grabbed from

ACET and UPCAT Results Now Released!

Congratulations to all





job well done, guys!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's SCWA Family Day Again!

f b 2010
Family Bonding : "Making A Difference"

The Shalom Crest Wizard Academy community will be having their traditional Family Day celebration on Feb. 13, 2009. The celebration will start with a motorcade in the morning and will be capped by Pasundayag(a showcase of talents of parents and children) at 4:00 P.M.

Many exciting activities are in store for parents and kids during the whole day celebration. The SCWA PTCA and Teacher's Core Group already had series of brainstorming sessions in order to come up with new and innovative games intended for the whole family and other household members. We have already discussed and agreed on the mechanics of the following events:

Ball games (basketball & volleyball)
Wall Climbing
Table Tennis
Parlor Games (SCWA Pinoy Henyo included)
fb 2010 Pautukay (Quiz Bowl for Parents)
Mr. & Mrs. Wizard
Popcapella (choral competition)
Yayo Bidahan (for beloved yayos)

There will also be Painit ug Kapihan in the morning and lunch fiesta at noon time.

This annual Family day celebration is, of course, spearheaded by the SCWA PTCA,
with the officers (
Mrs. Africa, Mr. Galvez, Mrs. Abear, Mrs. Gatan, Mrs. Jalipa and yours truly), on the lead
together with the SCWA Teacher's Core Group composed of

Sirs Joseph, Jovar, Julius & Ryan and
Mesdames Redzma, Jorelene, Ruby, ZAffy, Erma, & Khrezia

with the strong support of
SCWA Faculty and Staff
dear parents and students
Mr. & Mrs. Bebot Haw and family!

Tayo na, kita kits sa SCWA Family Day!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Blogoversary To Me

My blog is now one year old!

This blogoversary is giving me an overwhelming excitement. It's simply amazing reaching this far in the world of blogging. A world wherein I was able to upload and unload all my emotional baggages and it really felt good to be where I am now.

I am sharing with you, my dear readers, the deepest part of me. I am sharing with you a part of me which took me almost my entire life to keep inasmuch as I did not have the strength to open up a topic like this. This is like coming out of deep slumber after a very long hiatus.

I have not written or spoken anything about this part of me ever since. I have already tried it many times but for always, upsetting emotions always prevailed. So I just opted to keep mum about this even if I'm hurting.

I don't know how to say how I missed or loved these persons because I could not even picture how they looked like when they were still alive. Memories, especially of my mother, are so vague - this is because she left me, my sister and my brother when I was just barely five years old. I was just in elementary years too when my father was killed by ruthless robbers. The only consolation we had then is the thought that at least they're together in heaven watching over us.

With this new passion of mine in blogging - little by little ( or shall we say by taking small steps) I can now say straight from the heart these words:

I love you and I really, really miss you!
Mom and Dad

Monday, January 11, 2010

Blogoversary Special # 4: Missing My Lola Iyay

A grandmother's love is almost always beyond compare!

I am letting you, my dear friends, take a peek into Inkai's personal life and childhood memories with my two remaining blogoversary special posts. This one's about my dear Lola Iyay and other one's about the persons who brought me to your lives, my parents.

When my siblings and I were orphaned at a very early age, the one who took the place of our parents in rearing us was our grandmother. We are what we are today because of her. she nurtured us with her selfless love and care for more than twenty years. Much longer that the time we had with our own parents.

Living and growing up under our Lola's guidance proved to be one of the best thing that ever happened to me and my younger sister and brother. Life with her may not be the perfect one but it's the kind that thought us life's lessons on humility, perseverance, forgiveness and hope. I can compare the life we had with her to a sunny day that could soothe one's longing and fears.

When she passed away after a long battle with the big C, I felt sad and happy for her. She is such a big loss to us but all the lessons we learned from her kept us strong and steady as we fought our own battles sans her.

As I continue spreading my wings in the blogosphere and in everything I do, I know my Lola is somewhere up there with my parents, prouder as they watch over us.

Miss you. . .la. . .

Friday, January 8, 2010

Blogoversary Special # 4: Hola, Olaer

Aside from people, events - I also love to write about places and one of my favorite to write about is of course, beloved Olaer Swimming Resort.

Through this blogoversary special of mine, I would like to thank my beloved friends who shared their thoughts about OSR in the net. Thank you very much guys!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Blogoversary Special # 3: Jinky con persone speciali

David Garcia, Sr. of Tayong Dalawa fame

Being in the world of blogging also means being in the company of special people sometimes.

ABS CBN's Inhouse Director Dino Veloso

Beauty Queen Romarie Ivy Cunanan and Davao web superstars

Rep. Teddy Casino

world renowned singer, Mr. David Pomeranz

A year of blogging also meant for me a year of being with special people from all walks of life.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1st Blogoversary Special # 2: Inkai's Cool Kids

As promised, I am writing again another post in consonance with my 1st year in the blogsphere. I am writing about one of my favorite topics - my kids! I can't count the number I featured them on this blog but to give you a clearer view on who, what and how they are as beloved children of your mom blogger, I am again saying my piece:

Rafee - the eldest, is a blogger herself. She is a responsible ate to her siblings and for always, makes her momma and poppa proud
- is born right after I have Rafee. She is sweet and thoughtful although sometimes can be stubborn also :-) just like me, dude!

- named as such because pang-three-cya; She is the hitler among the six :-) because of her strictness to her three younger siblings.
Mind you, she can carry a tune and speaks good English. . .:-)

Guinevere - was born on the eve of the millenium. She's my kid who boasts
of always having fireworks during her birthdays :-) .
She's named after my favorite character in the movie First Knight.

- is my baby who cries easily just like Mom. Tell her sad tales and tears will surely fall from her eyes. A crying but very sweet baby.

- the apple of everybody's eyes. Her naughtiness and naivety do not fail to bring smiles on our faces all the time.

They are my kids and I luv them all!

Monday, January 4, 2010

A Blogoversary Special: My Zip Whiz Wish

Your mom blogger's humble "Small Steps" blog is turning a year older exactly a week from now. In line with this milestone, allow me my dear readers to share with you, everyday for a week, special moments I treasure as a blogger. This will be forever woven in the tapestry of my mind and being.

I grew up under my lola's care and guidance and her constant reminder way back then was for me to always take small steps. . . take small steps. These three words guided me as I turned from an ugly duckling into a lovely and healthy goose :-)

Being a blogger made my life turn 180 degrees. Life's monotony was broken as I embarked on my journey as a blogger. I was able to meet many exciting and selfless people and I found an avenue wherein I can express myself freely. I felt like a butterfly finally out of my cocoon. Interesting things kept on pouring in. Even my dream of being a zip whiz for a few seconds was fulfilled all because of blogging. It never dawned on me before that I'll have the chance to savor the goodness of the Lord by being able to see from up, up there the beauty of the earth He created. Out of the experience came out a new Inkai with a more thankful heart and optimistic view towards life.

Come join me in my journey as I celebrate my first year in the blogosphere!
Journey with me as I continue taking small steps towards greater heights!

By the way, friends, you need not buy any material gift for me (LOLs) . . . . all I need is your love and comments if my blog is worth your while. So what are you waiting for? Comment na. . . now na :-)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

sayōnara ushi , harō taigā

haro taiga (hello tiger)

As the year of the tiger ushers in, I am hoping for myself to have the determination and bravery of the tiger in facing all odds. Also, for everybody affected by the recent calamities and tragedies, the author is wishing you to have the resilience of the tiger.

As I bid my goodbyes to the year of the ox, I am also leaving my huge thanks for this blissful year. This is the year wherein I had . . .

. . . a job promotion (of course, coupled with higher salary rate)
. . . a very, very much better relationship with my peers and relatives
. . . the joy in experiencing of seeing a child graduate with high honors and eventually had the chance of entering one of the best universities
in the country today

. . . the best of everything when it comes to business, relationship and work
. . . financial freedom from debts
. . . the realization that good health is still one of the
most important thing in life

. . . the opportunity of finding more and more friends in
the truest sense of the word

. . . the discovery that in blogging there is- the opportunity to be heard,
to help and to express one's self

. . . the acceptance that the not so nice things are bound to happen to remind us on what and how good things are!

sayonara ushi! Arigato gozaimasu