Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Mom Blogger is now a Driver

I have long been wanting to learn how to drive a vehicle. Owing to my busy sched as a mom and the unavailability of a decent car to to be used in honing my driving skill, the drive to learn remained but a dream. Not until recently when my hubby Arnel and I decided to acquire a second hand vehicle which we think is safer compared to our good old Multicab. It's a Hyundai car used to be owned by a good friend of ours.

I wasted no time in securing a student permit for my first ever driving lessons. Thanks to the good people of the Land Transportation Office in Gensan, I was able to acquire my SP in a matter of an hour and a half.

I was advised by the LTO people to come back after a month to secure my non-prof driver's license.

Meanwhile, under the tutelage of my sometimes patient and sometimes impatient hubby, I am now starting and easily learning the ropes of safety driving. My desire to learn to drive can be compared to those times when I started blogging. I realized that out of learning something new, something good would also come out of it. Most of all, I know I will always get by with the help of my loved ones and friends.

Please wish me luck in my quest to be a good driver, guys!


  1. pasakay sad.laag ta hehehe! good luck to your driving lesson, fren.

  2. hi, tnx, Ms. A! wish me luck para masundo ta ka sa airport he he he