Sunday, September 5, 2010

Giving and Learning Life's Lesson

I realized the importance of donating blood several years ago when four of my daughters were hospitalized because of dengue. I was able to look for possible blood donors but only few were qualified to donate their blood. The anguish I felt during that time was unbearable. The situation made me realize that there is really a need to encourage everyone to donate blood, not only when a relative needs it, but whenever we can!
This brilliant idea of the sox bloggers to come up with blood typing and letting drive made me proud of being a member of this group! The enthusiasm and cooperation shown by the group during the event itself made me prouder . . . and now, am the proudest friend of this man, Mr. Gilbert Y. Tan!

Little did I know that he had been donating blood since his younger years. I was expecting for him to get pale right after the procedure but I was wrong, very wrong because right after the process, he stood up and gleefully announced "gaan ako paminaw!"

How I wish that many people would follow what Sir G has done. To voluntarily give without counting the cost and advocate saving lives by being a good example.

To Sir G, the Philippine Red Cross People, the very active Sox bloggers, the generous sponsors including Robinsons Place for allowing us to use their place - thank you very much!

You all did the thing right by doing the right thing! :-)

*pics courtesy of Mr. Ariel Oclarit!


  1. Jinky, starring diay ko diri sa imong blogpost! heheh.

  2. shengkai, yeah the fulfillment is there!

    Sir G, napabilib jud ko nimo, promise!

  3. Bilib ko kaayo kay Sir G, healthy kaayo sya =) Nice post!