Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Dose of My Fave GESM Post

This may be VANITY, or whatever, for my favorite among's well loved blog posts is about ME. Yes. Mamma Mia, it's all about me!

GESM 1st blogversary is almost here and for the record, it's author, the great Orman O. Manansala has posted entries very much more than the number of days in a year! Indeed, a record breaking feat for a man of his stature.

I am a certified GESM aficionado! I have read 99.9% of his posts for a day without it is not complete for me. I'll surely get a passing grade if we are going to undergo an exam about the entries posted by our master blogger. :-)

In my previous post, I tagged our master blogger as somebody who is so beautiful inside and out. This is very true! Our Royal Gandaness is one person whom everyone wants to be with. He's got that brilliance seldom found in other people. He's got charm!

I had the excitement of a lifetime when I read and saw his post about me when I was hospitalized last year. I had an adrenaline rush then :-) . I felt so important. . . and most of all, I felt so LOVED! Phone calls, text messages and comments came rushing in and that's when I realized how popular our master blogger is. I loved him since then because despite his being so famous, he stays grounded!

On his 1st year in the blogsphere, I wish GESM all the best.
May he continue to spread his healing posts and entries!

Happy blogversary, Boss Orms!


  1. jinkz, i revisited that blog i made for you and nakatawa ko sa poem nako for you! it was written from the heart and it was for a dear dear good friend! love this entry!

  2. tnx, boss orms! actually i love all your articles pero pinaka love jud nako tong para sa akoa ha ha ha VAIN!

  3. Nice nice... hehhee...sana ako meron din, wahahhaa, inggitera.

  4. sheng, wahahaha. . . feeling nako ato ba si Maurice Arcache o si Tim Yap ang nag sulat og article about me :-)