Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Whooping Two Weeks of My Life!

It has been two weeks since I posted an article on this blog. It's been two weeks also since our 18th wedding anniversary and the idea of spending a night in a cozy restaurant with my husband has not been materialized yet. Wheeeew! Indeed, these two weeks has been a roller coaster ride of emotions and all for me. One thing, I missed also during this hiatus is of course, blogging!

Barely hours before my hubby's D day, I was at Marco Polo Hotel in Davao City for official business reasons. The experience was something because I was again able to meet a big boss from Manila and it has became a sort of catching up with some good old friends too from the Office where I formerly belonged.

Upon returning to beloved Gensan, the author had the pleasure of being a part of the team who facilitated the 10-day Basic Safety Training for our displaced fishermen. It has been fulfilling on my part even if it meant lesser precious time with my hubby and kids. Even then, I had no regrets because I know what we did was something that gave a glimmer of hope in finding a new job/opportunity for our workers who lost their jobs because of the ongoing fish ban. The activity also enabled me to gain new friends and having the chance of learning a lesson or two from all of them.
After the BST, I was occupied with the needs of my kids for the opening of classes. After almost exhausting all my energy, a very sad event suddenly occurred. My kids pet "Yin Yin" died and the cries and bewailing of my children when we buried Yinyin made my heart bleed.

Another heartbreaking thing happened and this time, I felt numbness all over my body. A cousin left us to join our Creator. Tears flowed, heartbreaks abound, longing feeling engulfed us all. . . But I know everything happened for a reason, reasons we can't fathom as of this very moment..

Yesterday, I woke up with a smile on my face as I saw my basil plants starting to sprout with healthy leaves!

Also yesterday, I stood as witness as two persons very dear to me said their I dos before God. We made it through the event if we're grieving and I thank God for this! Now I realize even more, to feel true happiness. . . excruciating pain or more must be felt also. . .

So many exciting stories waiting to be told...and I thank you dear readers for staying with me through this whooping two weeks of my life. . .

I'll make it up to you asap!


  1. condolence to your family ate jinky… very mixed emotions talaga sa wedding kahapon oi!!! i also blogged about it hehehehe

  2. a nice wrap up of your 2 weeks te jinks... i am not close with Maam Belinda but i can attest to her generosity..

    our condolences..

  3. Thanks, Don and Dimps!

    This may be the lowest point of our lives as a family but on a lighter note. . . it made us closer and closer as well.

    tnx, guys!

  4. Condolences and sympathy from us. Miss you! You will be back in no time.