Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Birthday and Anniversary, Partner!

pre-birthday dinner with kids and nephews at Piyesta Bar

My beloved husband, Arnel, is celebrating his ___th birthday
and I wish him all the best today!

He's a good father to my half a dozen beautiful children
and a very responsible and thoughtful partner for me!

He supports me all the way
and I'm very grateful to God for giving him to me!

Tomorrow's another special day for us
because it's our 18th anniversary as couple in God's and people's eyes!

Months from now we'll become parents of a debutant
and for this blessing we give to God our boundless thanks!

We also thank God for giving us this not so picture perfect but beautiful life
we thank Him for the gift of friends and good life!

We may not be that perfect
but we're trying our best to be the best that we can be!

Looking forward to spending another eighteen long years of togetherness and bliss
with the person I got married to eighteen years ago.

Happy birthday and happy anniversary, partner!
I love you!


  1. Happy Birthday kuya arnel! And Happy anniversary to you two!

  2. happy birthday kuya arnel!!! AWTS!!! ka sweet oi!!! :) gkilig ko kalit!!! !hahahahahaha thank you from me me and your extended kitchen PIYESTA!!! hehehehe GOD BLESS your partnership and your FAMILY!!!! mwah!!!

  3. thank you, mga ganda! mwah!

  4. Happy birthday Arnel and joyous anniversary to you both :)

  5. happy birthday kuya arnel and happy anniversary to the most likable couple in the world...

  6. thank you, Sir G and tolits! because of you, life is now more worth living!

  7. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary! =D

  8. happy birthday and happy anniversary!
    salamat sa Panga and Belly....

  9. hi, ela!

    you're welcome!

    tnx too!

  10. i just happened to read it today, a bit late, but june is almost coming, happy 19th anniversary in advance, God bless you more!!!

    bing n