Sunday, May 31, 2009

Seventeen Years of Living and Loving

Please bear with me as I do away with the usual stuff as I turn romantic this time, just for this time as I share with you a tale of love and friendship with a person whom I've spent the last seventeen years of my life with.
Seventeen long years of living and loving. . .
internetless, textless world started it all
hearing his voice through a radio call
and hearing mine caused him to fall
and fascinated with a voice so cool and small.
Seventeen long years of living and loving. . .
commenced with a June wedding
exchanging and wearing of ring
amidst smiles and tears falling
and promises to each other of doing everything.
Seventeen long years of living and loving...
brought us life's realities
instead of love notes and flowers
we prefer budget and groceries
over and above our own worries.
Seventeen long years of living and loving. . .
we kept the fire of our love burning
despite challenges so overwhelming
and with our heads bowed we'll keep on praying
as we thank and ask Him for another seventeen long years of living and loving.


  1. I'm so happy for you and Kuya, Ate Jinks!

  2. cheers to more years of living and loving with kuya arnel te. God bless.

  3. aaaaaahhhhh nice ate jinky!!!... HAPPY ANNIV sa inyong dalawa...
    seventeen more years and more more more years pa of living and loving...
    your story makes me believe in the power of true love... :)

  4. Beautiful, alluring and sexy girls!

    Tnx for reading my post.

    Truly love can do wonders to our lives!