Friday, May 22, 2009

My Heaven Sent Scents

It has always been said that the smell of perfume is often associated with the person who wears it and I must say, with the person who gives it.
The author just got lucky the past few weeks by being a recipient of three heaven sent scents in a row. I am not totally fond of perfumes, a light baby cologne could already make my day - but having these three featured scents here seemed like heaven/eternity to me. Who wouldn't be?
Escada Magnetic Beat Perfume by Escada
Fresh scent of flowers and fruits blended together with a touch of vanilla.
(Hmmm, yummy)
Versace The Dreamer
It seemed like toffee, powdered sugar, flowers and gin all mixed-up together. Feminity and masculinity blended together. Perfect scent for couples. I also love the Greek themed bottle.

Victoria Secret's Strawberries and Champagne Body Spray
The scent I am most familiar with. Used to receive this as pasalubong from good friends.
The fragrance is just right. My teenage daughters love it!

One thing I'm afraid of while having these three heaven sent scents, people I will be meeting will just remember the perfume brand and not Jinky!
Nevertheless, my heavenly thanks to all of YOU!

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