Monday, March 9, 2009

A Tribute To My Beloved Ate Bai

Today, March 10, 2009, is the birthday
of my Ate Bai, a beloved friend and co-worker
This day marks also the end of her government career
and the start of of her budding career
as a full time housewife, mother and grandmother.
I am melancholic and a little bit depressed
Seeing an epitome of an ideal government worker leave us
after three decades of spending her valuable hours
reaching out and serving our clients
helping and enriching lives of fellow employees.
Nevertheless, I am very much thankful
for having met her during my stint with DOLE,
for having a friend with a heart so full,
for being associated to a woman who, inside out, is so beautiful.
Hasta La Vista, Ate Bai!


  1. Hello to Ate Bai, was here ate Jinks, mis you!

  2. Thanks sheng! Missed you too!
    Am gonna miss my ate bai. . .