Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Came, I Saw, I Conquered: The Davao Outland Adventure

Trying to relax by texting

OMG, signing the waiver together with Cindy

Off for orientation/further instructions

Listening with all my ears despite the very fast beating of my heart

Getting ready!

Trekking towards the lake for a raft ride

We're almost there! (the lake)

Thinking if I'm going or staying behind

Getting ready for the zip of a lifetime!
(am still thinking of backing out, pero sayang ang pictures eh)

Last minute pose with Cindy before she flew up, up and away

dyan dyaran - ayaw ko itulak dong ha. . .

yiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeee here I go - see you all at the other side of the lake!
(I made it! Thanks God, wala nabugto ang cable)

To Messrs. Leonard and Migs, Thank you for capturing this ride of a lifetime!
I won't forget you guys! You're awesome!


  1. gamatitoy man kaayo pictures, jinks.. morag dili man nimo gusto i-share :)

  2. he he he - mao lagi dax, naglibog pud ko ngano perte gagmaya sa pics nga daku ra ba kaayo ang na picturan

  3. Natawa ako dun sa caption especially the "ayaw ko itulak dong ha"! Awesome!