Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Dill From a Scientist

It has been eight months since I raided the kitchen and garden of my scientist friend, Gay. Eight months of exerting efforts in nurturing the herbs I looted ;-D For me it has been a challenge and now, a challenge I gladly conquered.

So far, none of the plants coming from her garden went in vain under my care ;-D. Kafir, lemon grass, oregano, and dill are now all thriving enormously around our simple abode.

Just like the dill on the picture above, I was so amused seeing resort customers having their pictures taken with those dill plants on the background and I was tempted to do the same thing too ;-d.

I am the proud mom who did the planting of all these shining herbs and I usually use dill when I grill bangus and tilapia. It adds flavor to grilled dishes as well as to soups and pasta. It also has medicinal uses. Can be used as tea to soothe aching stomach ;-D

So if you wish to have some dill, please feel free to visit us . . . thanks to Gay!


  1. Mine died, a branch seems to be between life-and-death now.

  2. Sarap ng may herb garden! Pipitas ka na lang pag kailangn mo.

    1. grabe, sobrang sarap talaga, Ms. anney! ;-D