Friday, August 26, 2011

My T4th Birthday

I celebrated my ___4th birthday yesterday. It was a day with lots of realization for me.

I left my previous age with several heartbreaking events and several worth remembering dates.

  • I started my day yesterday with a solemn prayer inside the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Parish church.
  • As usual, a busy day in the Office but still I had the chance to do some reflections.
I have been telling everybody that I have moved on after what had happened to my brother,Allan, and a dear cousin, Alice. Truth of the matter is I haven't yet. My heart is still broken and I still have once in a while that empty feeling inside of me.

But the outpouring love and concern I received yesterday made me realize that there is no reason for me to be still living in a bad dream. Many people care for me and they do deserve to be taken cared of also. You are worth my while and for the times I have forgotten you, my apology.

My day ended with a prayer of thanksgiving and praise to our Lord almighty for the infinite love and all the graces he has bestowed on me.

To you, my friends and loved ones, you are the reason why I have this very thankful heart now. I am moving on, definitely, because of you....
thank you very much!

Monday, August 22, 2011

A Repost : The Eden Project

I saw this morning my tomato plants starting to bear fruits and upon opening my e-mail I saw this piece sent by a friend (tnx, Ms. Vivian!) and I find it so timely and very much worth sharing. . .

“Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” James 1:4

In Cornwall , England , you can visit a place called “The Eden Project.” The Eden Project attempted to build the perfect environment in which plants and trees could flourish. Obviously named for the Garden of Eden, this collection of “biomes,” huge domes, provides a tightly monitored atmosphere with a perfect temperature range and humidity. There are no insects and there is no pollution. What more could a tree want?

But there was a problem.

After this wonder of science was built, the scientists on the project noticed something strange. The leaves on the big trees were beginning to wilt and the branches were starting to droop. Puzzled, they consulted a tree expert. After studying the situation, he reported, “Your problem is that there is no wind in the environment. It’s the wind that pushes and moves the tree fibers forcing the nutrients and moisture to be drawn up from the ground. Trees need the stress of the wind or they won’t thrive!”

How much is that like our lives? A lot!

Given a choice, we would construct our own little “Eden Project” around our homes, our families, our dreams, and our futures. In our bubble, we would have just the right emotional climate—a controlled and restricted atmosphere where we could click the delete button keeping out unwanted news and pain. Trouble would be carefully filtered before it could reach us, keeping us well protected from the “pollution” of suffering and heartache. In our dream world, we would no doubt think that designing this stress-free environment would provide a spiritual climate in which we could thrive!
Right? Well, not really.

James points out that our lives need a little “wind” if we are going to grow and mature. In fact, we are called to choose an attitude of joy in the face of life’s storms, trusting by faith that God is going to use them to help us grow. James says that the trials you and I face, whatever shape they take, test our faith. They are there to reveal whether or not we really believe the things we say we believe on Sunday mornings at church.

As your faith holds, strong perseverance—your ability to “hang in there”—enables you to stay faithful and steady in the face of the divine storm. And, as you patiently stay under the stress of the “wind,” God will make you “complete, not lacking anything.”

It’s the wind of life that stretches and presses the spiritual fibers of your heart to bring nourishment and vitality to your soul.
“Strength for the Journey”
WB Journal

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Race with Alcris

I had a great time with Alcris, the young son of my late brother Allan, last Sunday morning. We found a nice place to jog on. It was on top of mounds of sands inside the resort premises.
I've been missing my brother a lot and the quality time I had with his son somehow compensated for the longing in my heart. . .
small steps racing. . .

am ahead of you . . . eat my dust :-D

the winners!

gratifying feeling. . .
feeling of contentment and peace abound. . . .

Miss you, dear bro!

Monday, August 15, 2011

My eyes are green with veggies

Gardening, aside from cooking, keeps me busy nowadays. Enemy bugs are now my friends :-D (Tnx to Mam Ding and Sir Nick!). I realized that organic farming is not that hard after all. All I need is a little help from friends who know about gardening.
Now I know that we can eliminate small pests with a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid.
Plants as they grow need support (just like us...) they need water, sunlight, tender loving care and most of all, they need us to to keep watch over them.

Everyday I am surrounded by greens and frankly, I'm loving it!
holy basil (if you care for some basil tea,
please feel free to drop by our simple abode :-D)

plastic twines being readied for the string beans

the bitter gourds (ampalaya) on a race to the top of the bamboo stick :-D

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Beetles are Here!

It's been a hard day's night, and I've been working like a dog
It's been a hard day's night, I should be sleeping like a log
But when I get home to you I find the things that you do. . .
The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night

I've been working hard on my sideyard garden for weeks now. As each new day begins to unfold, noticeable progress can be gleaned on my planted greens.

I have been observing my tomato plants for the past few days because some of the blossoming leaves has visible white patches all over them (please see pic below). . .
I saw the culprits yesterday afternoon. . .
small red beetles a.k.a ladybirds a.k.a. bugs. . .
two of them, presumably, a male and a female . . .
I thought of capturing and burying them alive. . .
Drowning them in the pool. . .
Pounding them with stones. . .
have them take a bath in water full of strong detergents. . .
probably too harsh for these small creatures :-D
Now that the beetles are here, am in a dilemma!