Friday, July 30, 2010

Of Friends and Friendship!

I am writing this post in honor of a very dear friend I am missing so much. Thank you very much, Glenn! Now I know. . .

Why do I associate Glenn with Gandaeversomuch? Please read on, my dear friends. . .

(photo taken by Peter the Pilot at Kalsangi Clubhouse and Golf Course during Marz birthday)

Marz Bendol's birthday celebration last August 3, 2009 was a significant one. That was the day good friend-blogger, Mr. Lyle Santos, started setting up Bloggers present there contributed their two-cents worth while the royal gandaness was having almost painless delivery of his latest baby - the blog that made a difference in the lives of many people. That was the birth of our very lovable blog, and I am proud to claim, I was part of its history!

Before Orman's blog was born, there was an important occasion in my life that only now did I realize why it happened that way.

Arnel & Jinky's 17th Wedding Anniversary
June 2, 2009 @ dinnertime
Caico's Resto, GSC

Glenn, my friend, was always present in almost all special moments of my life. While giving birth, christenings, anniversaries, birthdays and other special events which call for a celebration. We were that closely knit. He was even the one who taught me how to use the internet!

While waiting for dinner to be served at Caicos, Glenn suddenly told me to call for somebody special whom we could spend the evening with. It surprised me because usually it's only us together. I never thought that my text messages would get affirmative replies owing to the time constraint. Call it destiny or what but the two Manansala siblings came over and we all together spent the night eating, talking and laughing! When it was time to go, Glenn brought me and Arnel home. While on board his car, he kept on repeating "I'm glad you're happy and you now have many friends to keep watch over you".

Little did I know that he really meant what he said for in March of this year, Glenn was ruthlessly killed with two gunshot wounds from an unknown assassin.
(my couz James, Glenn and me)

I did not only lost a friend but I also felt losing a part of myself. But God is good, really good. He only took away Glenn from me when He knew I can stand already on my own with
the help of people whom Glenn referred
as to be watching over me soon.

To HR Gandaness and all blogger friends out there, thank you so much for the friendship!
Life is still very much worth living because of YOU!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Am I Going Too Fast?

This text message of my friend, Viki, made my day. I wish to share it with you my dear friends.

When trouble overtakes you, let God take over.

Prayer is the bridge between panic and peace.

Trust god to move your mountain, but keep on climbing!

nice one, isn't it? :-)

Solar Kits Rock

A couple of months back, our place experienced frequent brown outs. Sometimes for a couple of hours which was bearable and then worsened when it reached twelve hours per day. Due to the prevalence of power interruptions, tempers rose up, businesses suffered and economy worsened.

We now dread going back to those horrible brown out days. Luckily, there are now solar kits to address the problem. Through this, one can charge batteries through sustainable energy coming from the sun. You will be assured of continuous electricity amidst unbearable and unavoidable brown outs.

With this upsurge in technology, hopefully, brown outs will now become a thing of the past. We will be living in a cool environment with well lighted surroundings that will be bringing smiles and sighs of relief to each and every person who already had his/her fair share of bad moments during brown outs.

TIPC SARGEN Officers' Induction Set Tomorrow

The Tripartite Industrial Peace Council (TIPC) SARGEN Chapter new officers are scheduled to take their oath tomorrow, July 29, 2010 before the Hon. Regional Director Ma. Gloria A. Tango.

Time : 2:00 P.M.
Venue: DOLE SARGEN Field Office, Magsaysay Ave. cor. Saging St., GSC

To all of you, congratulations and good luck!

cheers! Here's to more years of maintaining industrial peace!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Glowing, Growing Up and Aging

It's hard to acknowledge but in reality, I am getting older!

But if aging means having the opportunity to see your children evolve into better and responsible individuals, then, I don't fear and regret on getting old anymore.

These are my first two babies (Tina and Rafee) sixteen years ago

and now, here they are!

Tina, my second child, is now a BSIT student of the Mindanao State University. A computer techie and an achiever in her own right.

While the ate, Rafee, is a BS Chem with MSE student of the Ateneo de Manila University and now a proud member of the Ateneo Glee Club. I know this is her ultimate dream to pass the auditions and now she did it!

Ahhh, this is life! I am aging but I am beaming with pride and a thankful heart !

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kreative Boutique Opening Day

owned and managed by the hip and sexy sisters Rosilie Lim and Tammy Nacario
located at the 2nd floor Gaisano Atrium, General Santos City

formally opened to the public last
July 18, 2010!

present during the opening were blogger friends, early patrons and associates of the duo...

imported items such as perfumes, lipsticks, bags, belts, shirts, dresses and a whole lot more can be found at KREATIV!

so if you have time and you've got that
fashion sense... visit KREATIV at once!

the very accommodating Rose and Tammy will be there to assist and welcome you!

beauties (ahem) during the opening
(the author, KREATIV owner Rose Lim and Ms. Gensan Romarie Cunanan)

tnx to Arnel Lim for the pics!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Dose of My Fave GESM Post

This may be VANITY, or whatever, for my favorite among's well loved blog posts is about ME. Yes. Mamma Mia, it's all about me!

GESM 1st blogversary is almost here and for the record, it's author, the great Orman O. Manansala has posted entries very much more than the number of days in a year! Indeed, a record breaking feat for a man of his stature.

I am a certified GESM aficionado! I have read 99.9% of his posts for a day without it is not complete for me. I'll surely get a passing grade if we are going to undergo an exam about the entries posted by our master blogger. :-)

In my previous post, I tagged our master blogger as somebody who is so beautiful inside and out. This is very true! Our Royal Gandaness is one person whom everyone wants to be with. He's got that brilliance seldom found in other people. He's got charm!

I had the excitement of a lifetime when I read and saw his post about me when I was hospitalized last year. I had an adrenaline rush then :-) . I felt so important. . . and most of all, I felt so LOVED! Phone calls, text messages and comments came rushing in and that's when I realized how popular our master blogger is. I loved him since then because despite his being so famous, he stays grounded!

On his 1st year in the blogsphere, I wish GESM all the best.
May he continue to spread his healing posts and entries!

Happy blogversary, Boss Orms!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Moing Out? Not Yet!

It has been weeks since I had my last post on this blog. Not that I don't have time to blog, it's just that I don't feel like doing one. I don't know what triggered this laziness (?) on my part but am hoping this will be over soon. . . .

To somehow wake up the sleeping dragon in me, I decided to start on a new blog designed for a special topic. I hope this wakes me up and inspires to once again, blog and blog. . .