Friday, August 6, 2010

HR Champs Championing Dreams

This post is for three awesome HR Managers who have shown to the whole world that they are not just HR bigwigs for nothing!

I am referring to these three admirable personalities who helped in championing dreams using their own big and small steps.

My faithful readers, I'm very proud and honored to
present to you (drum roll please. . . :-)
Mr. Ismael O. Salih, Jr.
HR Manager of Seatrade Development Corporation;
Mr. Anhtony Karl F. Gaspar
Gentuna's man who calls the shot in the HR Department; and
Mr. Audie M. Battad
Cargill Philippines, Inc. HR boss

It's very interesting to note that these three famous HR personalities in General Santos City are all health buffs. An admirable feat indeed because despite their loaded schedules as HR managers, they still found time to run for a cause.

Joining the 34th National Milo Marathon meant being able to help provide one rubber shoes to one public school per city in the different places of the country. Out of the small but remarkable contribution you are able to help talented children who don't have shoes to reach their true potential and be the best that they can be. Simply marvelous!

For this, my two thumbs up, to you Sirs Jouie, Anthony and Audie!

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