Sunday, May 22, 2011

Home, Cows, Sunset

In less than two weeks time God willing, we can finally say, we are going home. Here are some of the things adding up to our excitement. . .

home almost done. . .

the green grasses and the cows and my
little Jasmine (
she exclaimed, nakakita na talaga ako ng totoo na cow :-))

beautiful sunset as viewed from our porch!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom D!

Yes, Mommy D did it again!

She celebrated her 62nd D day literally with a big bang...with former Philippine President Joseph Ejercito Estrada as her guest of honor. Pacman himself and his beautiful wife, Jinkee, were there to personally hand in their Hermes Birkin gift to beloved Mommy D. For sure, the radiant summer star was on cloud nine during that moment!

The lucky mom proved once and for all that she's not the Pacmom for nothing. She brought the house down with her singing and dancing prowess. Other entertainers for the big night were novelty singer Max Surban, sultry singer Madonna Decena and our very own local talent, Mr. Jun Jimenez. Excellent hosting of Gensan Pride, Ms. Joanna Banting-Lapore did additional wonders to our celebrator's special night.

Although lesser showbiz personalities were present, Mommy D's 62nd bday celebration still remains one of the hottest topics worth discussing by people from all walks of life. Aside from the million peso worth bag and the magnificent costume changes, the Pacman Gym which served as venue now seemed one of those to places to watch out for here in Gensan. It's cool out there! I bet, this will surely be another tourist attraction for the tuna capital of the country.

The food was great. . .
The numbers presented, awesome. . .
albeit there were some unruly guests crowding the stage front
to get a good view of the performers...

still, the party's great!

Kudos to the organizers of this event! keep it up, guys!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

This is our Home!

Let's take a peek inside our soon to be home before the painting and tiling process. . .
house exterior and all ( can't hardly wait to do some
gardening and landscaping for a greener backyard. . .)

bedroom no. 1 (for the king and queen :=) . . .)

bedroom no. 2 for the princesses :-)

bedroom no. 3 for beloved guests :-)

this is my world, my kitchen!

the dining area. . .

the living room with a view. . .
(it was almost sunset when we took this pic
and yet the sun was still shining so brightly. . .)

the porch. . .
(hubby is planning to put hardwood
in horizontal position in lieu of balusters. . . )

the bathroom. . .

more about our home, next time, folks! Thank you. . .