Thursday, July 30, 2009

Key to Fast Searches

We are living in a fast paced world. Time flies so swiftly. Everything and everyone seems to be in a hurry. The world now is borderless. Anytime, anywhere, anything can be accessed. The same is true with technology. Fast paced internet is now the in thing. Goodbye to slow connections. They now form part of history.
One setback in the internet community is the inconvenience of finding and downloading files using search engines whose capability can be compared to waiting for eternity. Netizens need not despair because a new key for fast searches is now starting to make its presence felt in the web. This surely is good news for all of us who are passionate about continuous improvement and to keep track with the forever changing world. Rapidshare links may just be a small taker in the internet world as of this moment but sooner or later I know they will be the force to reckon with when it comes to searches.

My Sauteed Kangkong

Here's my version of a favorite Pinoy fare specially during rainy days.
Fresh kangkong and pork bits sauteed in oil, garlic, onion, tomatoes and red bell peppers.
Best served with piping hot white rice and fried fish.
Cooking tip: To retain the color of the kangkong, please cook uncovered.

Exploring Best Marketing Strategies

There are many ways of looking for marketing strategies. With technology in progression, one of the best ways to consider is through the net. Online marketing methods that once implemented will surely improve return of investment.
Those primarily involve in the business world should consider tapping the help of people with expertise in the field of online marketing. Looking for marketing information would then come easy and handy once you are properly guided by these experts. They will not just cater on your marketing needs but advertising needs as well.
With global recession abounding, cost will matter if we talk of marketing. It is imperative that we will be exploring for online marketing partners who will be offering us quality service at an affordable cost. A marketing resource company with established name and had been proven effective and efficient in the field can be easily found over the web if we will just do thorough research. After finding one, make sure to discuss throughly with them what you want with your chosen marketing strategies and how you want it done. This will not only help you gain the best services for your company but this will guide you in giving the best services to your target clientele.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Newbie Photographer's Journey

Join me as I continue my journey as a blogger and photographer. . .
...maple leaf shaped pavers leading to the Pacman's glove-shaped pool.

. . palm fruits at Alson's. . .

. . . trunk of decades old acacia tree now part of a garden landscape. .

. . . close-up shot of a boulder in Silway River. . .

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jinky Jumps with Web Celebrities

Pastilan, Marzz, Jinky, Hecky, Bariles, Ms. Toral and Daxi
Socsargen bloggers having their once in a lifetime jump with blogging icon, Ms. Janette Toral.
(tnx cinds for the pic)

Spa Craze and Stress

We are living in a very stressful world. We seem to be thriving in an intricate surrounding that could make one feel to be in oblivion. However, there is one great way of relieving ourselves from all stresses. We can relax ourselves by taking care of our overall well-being by having a well-deserved spa. A spa that if done regularly could be a good therapy to relieve us out of our anxieties and stresses.
Spa and hot tub facilities kept on sprouting here in General Santos City. All sort of spa services can be availed at affordable prices. I am one of those who patronize this kind of services. I always see to it to save spare cash for this. The good feeling you got after having a good spa is well worth it. Nothing compares to this sensation and feeling of being lightened up.

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Night with Side A and Friends

Joey G. of Side A Band belting out one of his signature songs

Inkai with blogger friends lovey duo Sheng and Kiyawster

Inkai with reigning Ms. Gensan Romarie Ivy Cunanan

Inkai with Alliance Tuna Intl's beautiful but not blue Marlyn C.

Inkai with Mandaue Foam's super flexy Juvy L.

Inkai with superduper talent manager Wyngard Tracy

Effective Waste Management

Part of our long term plan for Olaer Swimming Resort is the establishment of a proper waste management system. This is very timely considering that we are in the process of expanding our resort business. It is good that there is a site offering waste management tips and software. This site is all about web and mobile systems for the waste industry. This will surely help us and all of those who are in quandary as to what do with their problem on waste management. All we have do is let our fingers do the clicking to address it.

A New Site for OSR

The author has started maintaining a site featuring Olaer Swimming Resort. With God's grace and friend's helping hands, this site in due time will be adding more colors to the already colorful blogging life of the author. For more of this new site to behold, please click on this link.

The Luxury of Powersteering Cars

Our family had been using manual steering vehicle for almost five years now. Within the period, we encountered the problem of worn out steering rack twice. A situation that made us realize the importance of powersteered cars.
My husband's niece owns a powersteering car. It is a nice car seldom used by her since she is out of the country most of the time. It is usually left under our care when she is not around. My hubby takes care of it just like it's his own baby. He always sees to it that the car is well maintained and free from defective auto parts.
When our own car's steering rack malfunctions, we always find it hard to look for gears and spare parts. It's the other way around for the powersteering car entrusted to us. Whenever the car's steering rack shows sign of something wrong going on, we have the luxury of just browsing the net to address the problem. This is one advantage of powersteering cars over manual steering ones. An incomparable advantage I envy of.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

H1N1 Orientation for Gensan Workers

The Department of Labor and Employment and Department of Health held an orientation pertaining to Influenza A (H1N1) prevention and control at the workplace last July 24, 2009 at DOLE SARGEN Field Office.Regional Director Ma. Gloria A. Tango discussed on the salient points of DOLE's Department Advisory No. 4

Dr. Mely Lastimoso gave updates on H1N1

Dr. Alah Baby Vingno, an Epidimiologist, discussed further re: H1N1 virus

Participating companies during the orientation were: Cortez Cancer Clinic, Minadanao Polytechnic College, RD Group of Companies, Hurempco, Southern Philippines Power Corporation, East Star Agricultural Development Corp., Crosmak Construction Works, Inc., TEMPCO, Horizon Can Corporation, Alliance Tuna International, Inc., Seatrade Canning Corp., MTTP-NDDU, Cargill phils., Inc., Tenpoint Manufacturing Corp., Phil. Cinmic Industrial Corp., MD Agri Ventures, KCC Mall of Gensan, East Asia Royale Hotel, Gentuna, Nippon Job Contractor and Allied Services, St. Elizabeth Hospital, Inc., Celebes Canning Corp., Rell and Renn Fishing Corp. , Alsons Aquaculture Technologies, Inc., San Andres Fishing Industries, Inc. and Gensan Shipyard and Machine Works, Inc.

Participants were enlightened on relevant issues pertaining to the much talked about Influenza A (H1N1). They were also briefed on what to do during onset of said disease and how to prevent possible outbreak.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

List of Holidays for 2010

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo signed on July 21, 2009 Proclamation No. 1841 declaring 10 regular holidays, four special non-working holidays and a special holiday for 2010.

New Year's Day (January 1)
Maundy Thursday (April 1)
Good Friday (April 2)
Araw ng Kagitingan (April 9)
Labor Day (May 1)
Independence Day (June 14, Monday nearest June 12)
National Heroes Day (August 30, last Monday of August)
Bonifacio Day (November 29, Monday nearest November 30)
Christmas Day (December 25, Saturday)
Rizal Day (December 27, Monday nearest December 30).

Ninoy Aquino Day (August 23, Monday nearest Aug August 23)
All Saints Day (Nov. 1, Monday)
December 24 and December 31, the last day of the year.

The 1986 People Power Revolution anniversary (February 22, Monday nearest February 25) is declared as a special holiday for all schools.

Detailed news regarding these holidays can be gleaned here.

Note: The author will be posting here soon the link to Presidential Proclamation No. 1841. Please watch out for this!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Contrasting Colors of Nature

I am now starting to love taking pictures of beautiful subjects.
Please feel free to comment, guys!
Do I have the potential of becoming a full pledged photographer?

Bid for the Best Beds

Sleep has not overcome me yet. I just can't close my eyes as I keep on turning and tossing on my bed. Perhaps an after effect of the capuccino I had a few hours ago. Several thoughts keep flashing on my mind as I lay awake on my bed. Finally, an idea sank on me that made me smile. It's the thought that I have a nice bed and how I acquired this.

Several months ago, an appliance store located just below our office had their closing out sale. Items were up for grabs at very, very low prices. For a thousand and five hundred pesos, one can already choose among the sala set, refrigerator, washing machine, double deck beds and this matrimonial bed. I already have all of these but I still decided to purchase the bed. It's a big one, quite heavy because the body is made of steel, and the cushion on it is just too nice to let go of. Without hesitation I bought it and had it delivered in the house. After a week, I saw the same make of bed at one of the department stores here and to my surprise it cost twelve times the price when I acquired it. Lucky bid and pick, indeed.

Now as continue contemplating, a new idea popped up on me. I know one of these days I'll be bidding again for one of the nicest beds because I knew of a website offering classy and quality beds at affordable prices. Who knows, I might just end up again bidding and picking the best one at the best price ever.

Following Mom's Footsteps

Am sharing with all of you, guys - a masterpiece of my Grade V daughter, Patricia!
This is her own presentation of slices of fresh oranges for dessert.

Early Wishes for the Christmas Holidays

It is less than two hundred days away from my favorite time of the year, the christmas holidays. The child in me comes out everytime I think of christmas. This is a time of boundless thanksgiving and happiness. This is also a time for countless gifts and wishes for the best of everything.

My early wishes for the incoming christmas holidays includes, good health, peace & prosperity for my family and all of mankind. I also dream of gaining more friends, savings and restful weekends for this year. Aside from all of these, I am also hoping for the accomplishment of all the things I want to finish and get over through this year.

If I have spare cash, I wish to bring my kids to an out of town trip during the christmas holidays. They will surely love it because just like me, they all love adventure. The net will be of great help as we look for places to go that is best suited for our budget. That is why as early as today, I am already looking for possible great places to go during the christmas holidays.

These are all wishes and in order to be realized, I have to give my best shot and continue aiming high as I dream and wish for a brighter, lovelier and happier christmas holidays.

Monday, July 20, 2009

YAMAN Awards 2009 Winners

Congratulations to the best of all the best entrepreneurs!

Tuna Exporters Multi-Purpose Cooperative (TEMPCO)
Entrepreneur of the Year (Juridical)

Kuya Chito's Takuyaki
Entreprenur of the Year (Single Proprietorship)

KIMKYTS Food Products
Emerging Enterprise of the Year

KM Foods
Product Innovator of the Year

MCM Marketing
Employer of the Year

Cargill Philippines, Inc.
Local Taxpayer of the Year

Caumeran Native Products
Loyal Company of the Year

note: I will be posting here soon pictures taken during the awards night. Watch out also for my feature on all the winners.

A New Television for a Better Vision

I have been experiencing headaches lately. The kind that won't make me finish watching my favorite telenovelas. I thought at first that I just need a new pair of eyeglasses. But after seeing my optometrist and having my new eyeglasses, the headaches still persisted. The pain made me irritable to the extent that watching television became annoying on my part.
Good thing that I was invited to the house of a very good friend. This friend of mine is very particular when it comes to household appliances. She always sees to it that only quality and priceless appliances are brought in their beautiful home. She then invited me to watch the new movie of our favorite actress inside her music room with a mini theater system. I wanted to refuse at first but I don't want to disappoint her so I obliged with her request. Much to my amazement, the headache did not bother me a bit all through out the screening period.
I confided to her my problem regarding the frequent headaches and how I associated it with my vision problem. She just laughed and told me that the problem is my good old TV set and not my vision. She further emphasized that high end television with top of the line accessories is pleasant to the eyes and watching shows using it will be doing us more good than harm. She elaborated on all the good aspects a new television possess. Finally, she wind up her lecture with the assurance that she will help me in acquiring a new TV set. A piece of good news that literally made my eyes and smile wider. Thanks, techie friend!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Inkai's Shrimp Recipe

Shrimp sauteed in corn oil, garlic, onion, ginger, pepper, sprite and a dash of Claudine's Knorr Real Sarap to enhance flavor.
Best served with white rice and fresh veggies salad.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Money and Happiness : An Enigma

Money can't buy happiness.
For some, maybe. For those with less
Money will surely lead us out of distress.
What's essential, we earn it out of our own labor, sweat and tears!

Fetish on Looking and Feeling Great

Just like any dame in town, I, too, have this fetish on looking and feeling good with the aid of cosmetics. My week won't be complete if I could not visit my favorite saloon and have my nails manicured and pedicured. It has been my habit also to go through hand and foot spa at least once a month. It's quite costly but it's worth it because nothing beats the feeling of being clean and presentable.
Although I don't wear make up very often, I also have this engrossment for several beauty products. I have a collection of lipsticks in different shades, eyeshadows, foundations, and other make up and beauty kits. Most of these items are gifts from friends and others are output of my being an impulsive buyer. I really just can't resist buying quality beauty items especially if they're on sale at discounted prices.
My inclination on these beauty products is understandable. My job involves facing people from different walks of life everyday. I intend to look stunning as I face them in order to show that they are important to me. They are great people and they deserve nothing less. Facing them with a beautiful outlook and looks may be an obsession on my part but I have proven it time and again that it is one effective way of earning respect and admiration.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Small Steps' Star : The HR Performer

Our star as a sportsman
The author will do away from her usual stuff. Starting today, I will be featuring here people whom I have high respect of and who are icons in their own right. They will be tagged as Small Steps' Stars! SS stars who continue to shine brighter than the rest.
SS Star No. 1 is Mr. Ismael O. Salih, Jr. He is known as "Jouie" to family, close friends and associates. He is Seatrade Development Corporation's HR Manager and, concurrently, the President of Philexport 12 - Socsargen Chapter.
He is a loving husband and father, all rolled into one, to his family. A devout Catholic who never fails to hear mass on Saturday afternoons.
He is a People's Person. Proof of this is the lengthy time he had been with SDC as Human Resources Manager. An HR manager who is always on the look out for the welfare of his people. He is a performer. To top it all, he is not just an ordinary HR Manager but a person with a hand for employees in need, ears for listening to topmost management and a heart for many people.

Friday, July 10, 2009

New Kids on the 8th Block

Guys, please take a peek of my kids. . .an all girl volleyball team in the future!

Rafee, Tina, Tricia, Sam, Gwen and Jasmine

My Bathroom Needs Renovation

I just arrived from a nightout with close friends. We spent the night eating, drinking and chatting while listening to a live band in one of the watering holes of the city. The food though not so great succeeded in satisfying our gustatory buds. The music though not so good still made us sway as we spent the night enjoying each others' company.
Despite the disappointment of not meeting my expectation on the supposed to be Mexican themed night, I still would want to go back to where we just came from. It is because I love their al fresco setting, the abundance of their flowering plants and their magnificent bathroom. A bathroom like it's been taken out straight from the pages of a glamorous magazine. A bathroom which I'm sure of was made by skilled people with a vision to satisfy each and every user.
The thought of the beautiful bathroom still lingers in my mind while I am now home and resting in the comfort of my bed. I don't feel sleepy at all because I am now contemplating on having my own bathroom renovated just the way I like it to be. Moreso, I know that Raleigh Remodeling Contractor is just a click away should I wish to look for experts to work on this. The contractor is known for their belief that any job worth doing is worth doing well. Any second thought on this project is far from my mind as of this moment. I am bent on having my bathroom renovated and I want it soon.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beautiful Simple Flowers

The beauty. . .

The simplicity. . .

The colors. . . of uncomplicated flowers.

The Day I Was On DirecTV

I was invited during the opening of one of the Seafood Markets in Gensan last year. It was an event that turned into reality my wish on being featured on a DirecTV program. There were many people from the media covering the said event and ladyluck must have smiled at me because I was chosen to be interviewed by the DirecTV reporter.
I obliged to the request for interview. I was excited because that's my first time to be interviewed in front of a DirecTV camera. I made myself comfortable by taking a deep breath before facing on cam. The interview went well. I talked about the advantage of having a high end Seafood Market for working moms like me. I gave my best shot because I knew my family and friends will be able to see the interview once it is shown on DirecTV.
True enough, when the said interview of DirecTV was shown on air, varied reactions reached my end. Some reactions made me smile from ear to ear. But there is one reaction that made me cringe on my seat. It came from my three year old baby girl - she said upon seeing me on DirecTV "My mom looks like Mamatua!". . .

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our Dear Olaer Swimming Resort

This is how Olaer Swimming Resort would look like on mags as envisioned by the author.

My dear hubby enjoying the cool waters of OSR.
I have long wanted to write about this property of ours. It's just that I find it so self-serving to be doing such. Nevertheless, it is my ardent desire to share with you what we have to offer there. The place is now undergoing renovations for the better. We aim to offer the best services and facilities to our dear clientele. I will be posting here soon pics of the new OSR!
As a little backgrounder, this 12 hectare property was bought by our grandparents (the late PEDRO ROMERO OLAER and MARIA NECESARIO OLAER) during the 60's with Php800.00 and 1 carabao. I am an offspring of the youngest among the six siblings of our grandparents. The business had been operated by the family ever since it started its operation many, many years ago.
Now, we are introducing new innovations in the management and operation of the resort. It is now under the management of Olaer Development Corporation (of which I am a member of the Board). I am proud to say that the new management is composed of young people with brilliant minds who are into continuous quest for what's best for this legacy left behind by our dear grandparents. We are just starting this saga for the benefit of our younger generation but we are optimistic that what we aim for will be realized if we will have the zest to go for it.
More about OSR in my upcoming posts!

Amazing Indian Clothing

Indian women are beautiful and good looking. They are epitomes of grace, radiance and vivacity. They also have inner beauty that make them stand out anywhere they go.
One Indian lady I admire most is Sushmita Sen. The former Miss Universe who was crowned as such here in the Philippines. I still remember the dresses she wore then during the pageant. It was truly awesome watching her wearing those dresses then. That's when my interest on Indian clothing started.
Truly, Indian clothing signifies glamour. One can easily distinguish Indian clothing from the others. All the intricacies embedded in their fabrics make it priceless in the eye of anybody who is particular when it comes to clothing.
Aside from clothing, Indian women are fond of wearing accessories too. These accessories highlight more the astonishing beauty of the clothing they wear. Surely, out of clothing and accessories blended together, a true woman of fashion and substance will be emerging to send everyone in awe and amazement.

So Many Fishes In The Ocean

I want to share with you my dear readers pictures of fishes freshly caught from our seas!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Reality of Being A Realtor

I am able to send my kids to private schools out of my income as a real estate agent. Being a realtor is not an easy task. It is not all about buying and selling lots and houses. One must have the passion of discovering new heights in the field of realty. One must also have the heart to bear the agony of waiting for right buyers and sellers to come. Aside from this, you must also have within you the passion to help others find a better place to live without boring a hole in their pockets.
I came across a site I can proudly say has got all that is needed when it comes to realty issues. An enviable father and daughter tandem makes this site very amazing. They run the business with quality service as their focal point. For them, realty transactions must be an enjoyable one while they tend to each and every detail in order to come up with a very good output.
I am recommending this site to all of you who are in quandary as to where to look for best realtors. I am sure you are in good hands if you coordinate with them your realty needs. Entrust to them your realty needs and they will take care of everything. Remember, looking for a house and lot suited for your family is not an easy task, we need experts to help and guide us. Only the best realtors can provide you with best ideas to suffice your needs.

Monday, July 6, 2009

CCEU Officers Swear To Promote Industrial Peace

July 7, 2009 is a red letter day for the newly elected officers of Celebes Canning Employees Union. They took their oath of office today in a simple ceremony administered by DOLE SARGEN Field Office Head, Mr. Patricio L. Blanza.

Sworn into Office are:
President - Mr. Judhan Maagad
Vice - President - Mr. Diego Reyes
Secretary - Ms. Shirley Candido
Treasurer - Mr. Fidel Cabahug
Auditor - Mr. Mario Torcinde
Board of Directors - Messrs. Bernard Bravo and Marlou Odod

To all of you, congratulations, good luck and may you keep the fire of industrial peace burning!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Flowers From Nowhere

Who would have thought that the beautiful flowers on this spread are made out of cornhusk?
Dainty white flowers fit for weddings. . .

A bouquet of roses for ladylove. . .

Colorful tulips for a brighter day. . .

Sink Our Teeth on Clogged Sinks

I am a person who is very particular when it comes to restrooms. I always see to it that the tiles, bowls, sinks and everything are sparkling white after a thorough clean up and it must be free from clogs.
I really hate seeing and encountering clogged sinks. It is horrendous using clogged ones. I could imagine the awful bacteria thriving in it once it is clogged. It is bad for the users especially for young kids. Once your sinks show signs of clogging, have it cleaned and repaired. Don't wait for it to unclog on its' own. It seemed like you're waiting for eternity while in hell.
I came across this site where magnificent sinks are featured. It is a very helpful site if you are planning to build or improving your home. Stainless sinks featured are very affordable but of high quality. Their featured sinks come in all shapes, sizes and style. Once can choose from their wide array of products on display. Truly helpful for people who are very particular when it comes to sinks issues.
This is a very useful site to people who are not yet sure on what type of sinks to install in their homes. Suggestions and tips abound in there to serve as your guide. With this site around, there is no need for us anymore to sink our teeths on clogged sinks. We can now take it easy and enjoy our new sinks installed by them.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Mini Fortune Plant

It's been a week since I bought this bonsai from a peddler. It's quite tedious raising a plant like this. It meant I have to water it everyday, bring it outside of the office in the morning and make sure nobody touches it very often. It's quite a responsibility but am getting used to it. It is now easily getting into my system. . .like a day won't be complete if I have not done anything for my mini plant. A mini plant just like us that if given proper nurturing will surely stand out no matter how small we are compared to others.

My Buddy Has A New Baby

A very close friend of mine acquired for himself a brand new car. It is meritorious for him to have it because he had been working very hard. Lucky me for being one of the chosen few given a chance to take a ride with him on board his new Honda City. Thanks for the opportunity, buddy!
For those who got narrow chance of buying a new car because of a tight budget, you need not sulk anymore. A site specially designed for us is now on the web to help us out of the dilemma we are facing. It is a site full of good deals when it comes to new cars and car lease. This could be very useful if you have the plan of acquiring one now. All you have to do is go on clicking and choosing what's suited for you.
Great cars at low prices! Happy car hunting, everyone!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Inkai's Wildest Dream

I can be a cover girl!
I wish I could. . . with the help of technology, I can, anytime I want.
Best family friends we're missing the most. . .